How to play cobblestone Village Game

What to play: You will need: A wooden box, wood sticks and two pieces of wood.

(1) The wood box.

(2) Two pieces of wooden sticks.

(3) Wood glue.

(4) A brush.

Instructions: Cut two pieces from a stick and glue them together.

(5) Paint one side of the box with black paint.

(6) Paint the other side of your box with white paint.

Paint the sides of the sticks with black glue.

Add the wooden sticks to your game box and start playing!

You can also paint the sides and back of the boxes to make them more interesting.

Step 1: First, paint the wooden boxes with black.

Make sure the paint doesn’t run off the sides.

You can use the same paint as your game.

Step 2: Place the two sticks in the wooden box and glue the sticks together.

Step 3: Put a brush between the sticks and the back of your wooden box.

You need a brush because you can use black paint to make the sticks more interesting and make them blend in with the wood.

Step 4: Paint the sticks on the back and sides of your boxes and paint the back to match the sides!

Step 5: Place your brush on the sticks again and paint them the same way you painted them.

You are done!