How to play: Village craft game in Guwahatti village

Guwahsati: The village of Nangalpur, which is located in Jharkhand state, has been enjoying its annual summer festival season for decades.

The village, which has been in the spotlight since the murder of an activist by police, has now become the focus of a village game festival in Guwa, the district’s capital, in which people are encouraged to build a village.

“We have been hosting the game for the last few months and the community is really excited to come here for the first time,” said Abhishek Jain, village chief.

“This is a very important time for the village, as we are looking for people to play this game.

We have already got about 10 players and it’s a good turnout.

There is a lot of excitement and it is fun to see people playing the game.”

Villagers who were invited to the game by villagers who were already attending the festival said they enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the village’s game.

“It is the biggest village in Jhatna and we had a lot to do, so it was a big relief to get a chance to come,” said Ram Singh, one of the invited villagers.

“We are not sure if we will ever be able to play again, but this is a good opportunity to learn the game and play with the people.”

The village of Chawla, which was founded in 1891, has a long history of community life, having played host to a variety of festivals and events.

In the last decade, the village has been seeing a surge in popularity with many local people coming to play.

“The village has hosted a lot more than 20 festivals in the last five years and the festival season has increased since then.

We had already played two games this year and we are sure to get more people here this year,” said Srinath Kumar, the president of the village council.”

As the village is situated near the national highway, we have been able to host many people from all over the country, especially from neighbouring states,” said village resident Bipin Kumar.

“There are many people who come to play with us, and we get lots of compliments for it.”

The festival is one of many games that have been played throughout the year by villagers in Guwarat, which can be played in any style of game.

Jain said the game is a fun way to keep people entertained and to build camaraderie.

“I have played games in my life but I have never been able as a village to host this many festivals and this is one that I can do,” he said.

“The villagers are excited to get involved in this game and are willing to share their knowledge of the game with other people.”