Flooded village in Zimbabwe floods game

Zimbabwe’s flooding has been devastating, with a village collapsing in the capital Harare, officials said on Sunday.

The city of Harare was hit by heavy rains on Sunday night and the National Disaster Management Agency (NDM) reported that the village of Zululand was inundated with 1,000 people, according to state media.

The floods, which were also reported in Harare’s western province of Dabang, were caused by a lightning strike that killed at least three people and damaged more than a dozen homes.

At least two more people were injured in the village, which is about 70 kilometres (40 miles) from Harare city center.

The province’s chief fire official, Thabo Chishamba, told the state news agency that authorities were monitoring the situation.

A witness told the Reuters news agency the flooding in Zululuand village was “so heavy that we could see through the roof”.

The flooding in the region, which lies in the mountainous eastern province of Zirang, has devastated crops, destroyed bridges and damaged infrastructure.