Bizarre Japanese game is about a bunnies’ quest for happiness

Japanese game company Nintendo has released a video game in which you play as a bunny and must rescue her from the clutches of a giant bunny and her two friends.

The game, called Bunny Village, was announced at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, California, on Monday.

In the game, you play on a platform that looks like a bunny, riding a train that leads to a cute bunny town and then you can interact with her.

In one level, the bunny girl has a conversation with the town’s mayor and he tells her that he’s not sure she’s the right bunny for the town, but she seems like she might be.

The town is full of bunnys, and the town is a bunny paradise.

In the game bunny villagers will talk to each other and you can buy some of their goods to help the town.

The bunny villagers are very kind to eachother, so you can find a cute cat and a cute rabbit.

The town is made of bollies.

The Bunny Village game was developed by Nintendo, and was released in Japan in April, 2017.

The company said in a statement: “Bunny Village is the story of two friends who want to save the bunny kingdom from being destroyed by a giant rabbit and her friends.

The game has been designed to be played as an enjoyable, relaxing game for everyone to enjoy.”

A game called ‘Bunny Town’ will feature bunnying, but will also include a story about a bunny’s quest to save her town from destruction.

Bunny town in Japan is a town of cute bunny rabbits, and also includes an open world of bunny-themed buildings and objects.

Bunnies, also known as bunny girls, are cute and adorable creatures.

They are the main characters in many anime, video games and manga, and they are popular in manga and manga fan fiction.

The games development is a long-running feud between Nintendo and the Japanese video game developer Bandai Namco, whose games have inspired games like Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Donkey Land and Metroid.

Buffy’s friendship with the mayor of Bunny Town, however, is not a happy one.

The mayor has been secretly working for the giant bunny, who wants to take over Bunny Town.

Bizarrely, he also has a crush on Bunny Town’s bunny girl, Mimi.