How to win the Euro 2016 championship

VICTORIANS are bracing for a fightback in the European Championship.

After the European champions secured their spot in the finals in Greece, it has been revealed that a major battle is underway between France and Italy in the first round of play.

There is no certainty of a winner but a battle for third place is sure to take place in the semi-finals.

With the last 16 tied, France are set to have a strong chance of going through and making it through to the final, while Italy are favourites to win it all.

But if Italy can come through to a fourth place finish and reach the final with a victory against France, it will not be the first time that a repeat winner has been crowned.

The last time the champions of Europe met was at the 2002 European Championships in Germany, when they lost to France 1-0.

There was a further battle to make it to the finals of the 2006 World Cup, when France won the final 3-2 over Germany.

It was only in 2010, however, that the Italian champions won the first European title, beating England 3-1 to become champions.

They were beaten in the final by Germany but they did not give up on the dream of winning the competition, going on to claim a record third successive title.

A repeat would also represent a great achievement for the Italian team, who have been looking to make history by reaching the final of the competition.

The only other time that Italy went on to win their first World Cup title was in 1986 when the Bianconeri went on a five-match unbeaten run to beat the Germans 4-1.

They also went on the winning side in the competition’s previous tournament in 1992, when the Italians won the tournament by beating hosts Portugal 3-0 in the group stage.

But after winning the final in Athens in 2012, the Biancaneri missed out on the final again this year due to their participation in the World Cup.

It has been suggested that Italy will go for the same strategy as the Biancoceleste and they will try to emulate the success of their previous run to the semi finals.

The Bianconera have a good chance of making it to that final as they have been able to secure a top-four finish in their last four matches.