‘Buddy Holly’ to return to CBS TV show

“Buddy is a big hit.

He’s a huge hit.

We’ll be back,” says the star of the CBS TV series “Buddys.”

The Emmy-winning actor and “Big Bang Theory” creator was spotted on a New York City subway with his “Bunnies” co-stars in tow as he walked along the Manhattan subway track in the dark on Wednesday.

Bunnys co-star and “The Good Wife” star Jane Lynch also joined the cast as the characters “Bud and the Bunnies,” a family of bunnies who live in the city.

“Buddy’s always been an incredibly popular character on television,” Lynch said in a statement to “Good Morning America.”

“He’s funny, and we’ve known him since he was a kid and he’s always made us laugh.

He is so beloved by so many people that it’s hard to believe he hasn’t been on television for 25 years.”

Buddy and his bunnys are the main characters on CBS’ hit comedy “Bunnicula,” and the show is available on digital streaming on CBS All Access.