What’s happening at the village pillage?

After a brief hiatus, village pillaging has returned with a vengeance.

After two weeks of downtime, the new village pillager is back and it has an updated interface and a whole lot more.

The new village is now called “the village pillagers” and it appears that the villagers have taken the name of the original village.

The town has been reorganized to fit this new layout, and the village has also taken on the new name “The Village of the Village.”

Now the village is called “The village of the village” and you can even call it “the town.”

Village pillagers can now visit the villagers’ houses to check on the situation in the village.

And you can go into a village, find a new villager and ask them if they have anything that they need, and they will give you something.

Now the villagers will also give you their money.

Now they will offer you a meal to eat.

Now if you have money, you can buy a house.

Now you can also ask them about the weather.

Now that you have the village, you will be able to do quests that the village will be providing.

The villagers can now have a party and a party will be going to the village to celebrate.

You will be invited to a party in the villager’s house.

The party will start at 7 PM, and if you go to the party and go home, you get a special prize, which is a rare and expensive item, that you can use for quests.

Now all the villagers in the town are now getting a village pill, so if you’re in the party, you’ll also get a party invitation.

But you won’t be able use the party invitation for a party anymore.

You can’t invite a new party member, or you’ll lose the party.

Now it’s possible to invite up to 10 people into the party at a time.

But, the party invites only for up to three people, and you have to make a decision whether you want to invite your friends or not.

So now, you have this option to invite 10 people, but if you want one person, then you have an extra 10 people in the house.

You get this extra 10 guests at the party as well.

If you’re a player, you also get to choose one of your own party members.

If that person is the party member you’re looking for, then it is possible to recruit them.

But now if you do the recruitment, you must give the village a reward.

If the villagers decide to recruit your party member into the village and they get the reward, then that is your reward.

So if you recruit a new member, then your reward is going to be something that the player who recruited the new member gets.

The village can now be visited by other players as well, and that’s going to make things even more interesting.

Now villagers can be invited in the city.

The player who wants to visit the city can now invite their party member.

The next step is the player can also go to a village and ask the villagers what needs to be done there.

The villager who goes there will now give a detailed description of what needs done there, and now the player will have to go there and do the tasks.

But they can only do tasks if they’re in a town.

Now now, the player’s task is going back to the villagers, and then they can now go to another village and start the task again.

Now this is all about completing quests, so now the village can be visited and the quests can also be completed.

Now when you go on a quest, the village that you’re going to is going with you.

Now there’s no longer any lag time.

The game now also remembers where you were when you did the last quest, and this can be useful.

So, if you did a quest that you were supposed to finish in a village before, you’re now able to finish the quest and go back to that village.

Now, the villagers can also have a wedding and it will take place there, which gives you a reward that you get when you finish a quest.

Now once the village gets to the point where it’s safe to go home again, you go back home.

You are now allowed to visit your own house and it’s now possible to take a vacation to a town, even if it’s just for a few days.

The villages can now offer special quests that they can offer to you, and once you complete a special quest, you are now free to do any quests that you want.

Now these special quests can only be done in the villages, but you can do them anywhere.

You still have to be in a city or town.

But it also works like normal quests.

When you complete these quests, you become a village.

When a village is finished, the players will be given a reward and it’ll show up on the town map.

The players can then