Pokemon Go: Battle Village Free Game to be Available on the Apple App Store in the Coming Weeks

We’ve seen a few interesting Pokemon Go features, including the ability to teleport into places, use Pokemon’s in-game items to battle, and even a “virtual walk through” of the game’s map.

However, the game is only available on Apple’s iOS App Store for now, and Apple has been tight-lipped about the features.

However in a recent Reddit AMA, Apple CEO Tim Cook did give an update on the game, noting that the company is working on a new app.

The app, which is called Pokemon Go Battle Village, will be free for download for everyone to use, and will include the ability for players to walk through the game map and battle other players.

Cook also announced that the game will be released in September on Android devices and iOS devices.

The game will also feature a “vip” mode, which lets players have a chance to play in the game and “play with friends” with other people.

The premium version of the app will be available in September, and is expected to be available on the Google Play Store in September as well.

There are also plans for the game to be updated with new content in the future.

There will be an expansion to the game over the next few weeks, including a new area that is accessible from both sides of the map, new items, and more.

The full list of Pokemon Go’s upcoming features can be seen below.