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How to make a Mermaid village in one minute

Mermaids are adorable, and the latest title in our series of games to make them seem more human.

The Mermaid Village game is an adaptation of the 1982 Mermaid movie, and lets you explore a mermaid village where you can befriend mermaids and play with their various animals.

You can even help the mermaid princess to save the kingdom from an evil mermaid by using her magic to restore the sea life, and in doing so, you’ll earn the right to live in the village.

But if you’re not a merfolk, there’s a catch: the game is pretty much the only way to get the merfolk.

“It’s like a video game for merfolk,” says game developer Chris Dolan, “and that’s what we were really trying to make it feel like.”

There are also several other games in the Mermaid series that make use of the same basic formula, including Mermaid Village, Mermaids in the Deep and Mermaid Village Adventure.

The game’s title and its developer are being published by publisher New Science, but Dolan says he’s not looking to make another sequel, or add more mermaid games.

Mermaid Island is still under development, and will be a free download from July 1.

It looks like the mermies will return in another 10 years.