‘Game Village Farm’ sells to Ontario for $15 million

TORONTO (AP) The Ontario government is looking to sell a game village farm to a private buyer who wants to use it to produce a range of products including toys and cosmetics.

The village farm in Toronton, Ont., is the largest agricultural property in the province, with about 1,600 acres (800 hectares) and a production capacity of about 4,000 kilogram (10,000 pounds) per day.

The sale of the village would be the first in the country to be sold to an outside party, said Mike Dennison, Ontario’s minister of government and economic development.

It’s not a very high profile farm, he said, but it’s been really appreciated by all of us here at the ministry.

“We really need to be able to invest in our rural communities and the agriculture in Ontario.

I think that’s where we’re seeing a lot of the value and the growth that we need to support.”

Ontario’s Ministry of Agriculture said in a news release that the farm will be used to produce dairy products and cosmetics for the market in Ontario, which include beauty products for consumers and cosmetics and fragrance for companies in the manufacturing and wholesale industries.

Dennison says he wants to sell the farm to an investor who is interested in “growing their own farm, building a business and exporting their products across Canada.”

The ministry did not say when or how much the sale will cost.