Angry villagers fight over CFNM village train games

The anger and resentment of a group of villagers in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district has forced the railway authorities to ban a game organised by the Jammu-Kashmiri Railway Employees Association (JKRRA).

According to the JKRRA, the game organised in the village of Jakhkal by Jammu’s Karmashtami Railway Employees Union (KRRA) and Jammu Police has attracted over 20,000 spectators in Jakhkil village.KRRA President Rizwan Ahmad told The Times that the game was not sanctioned by the Railway Board of Jammu & Kashmir and was not registered with the Railway Administration of India (RAI).

The union, however, said that it had filed a complaint with the local police station for not allowing the game to be played.

The game is expected to be held on October 25.

A source in the KRRA said that the organisers of the game had not registered the game with the railway administration and had not notified the police station to prevent any such act.

“This game has been organised by a union organisation and not by the authorities.

The authorities have not informed us that they have banned the game,” he said.

Karmashti Railway Employees’ Union (KREU) President Raju Prakash Singh told The Indian Express that it was the fault of the Railway Ministry that the train games were not registered.

“We have registered a complaint and we are waiting for the decision on the ground that the KREU is not in a position to make such a statement,” he added.