How to play a game of pandas and save a life

As we enter a new year, it is a time of celebration, hope and optimism for the people of Nepal.

But many of us feel we have not had enough of it.

There are a number of games available in Nepal that challenge players to take on a game-like task of rescuing a pet or helping a child.

It is a challenging task that can involve moving a small, helpless animal or a young child to safety.

But one game that is not only a game but also a lifesaver is the game called Pandas and the village game.

Pandas and The Village Game: Save a Pet From The Villages source Al JA English title This game helps people survive a fire in Nepal.

source Al Jazeera English title People help save a pet from the village in Nepal: A game about saving lives article As the world mourns the loss of the late Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, we look at what it means to make a difference in the lives of people.

This week, Al Jazeera is showing a game called The Village, a game that challenges players to save a child from a fire.

The village is a rural area of northern Nepal.

As the fire rages, many villagers are trying to save their own lives.

Some have set fires to try and save their loved ones.

The villagers themselves are trying desperately to escape from the flames.

Al Jazeera’s Samir Khan and Shai Rizvi travelled to the village of Kashi and interviewed some of the villagers, as well as some of their children, who were involved in the firefighting effort.

As the fire raged on and children ran in and out of the house to try to save themselves, they had to choose one of the two tasks.

The task was to save the child from the fire, or to save it from the raging flames themselves.

Samir Khan: How did you get involved in firefighting?

Shai Riza: We decided to help a young boy and his family.

The young boy was having a bad day and his mother was having problems with the family.

We decided we should get involved.

Sam: When did you decide to help the family?

Sh: We went there with the village head, a local leader, and two other villagers, to get them to come and help.

We wanted to help them to save children, so we started talking to them about what to do.

Sam: How many people are involved?


We started by talking to the boys and then we started looking for help.

Then we went to the other side of the village and saw the fire.

Sam, Shai: What do you think about this?

Sam: The young people are helping the villagers to save them.

They are fighting the fire in their house.


How did they do that?

Sh:(laughing) They are doing it with their bare hands.

Sam:(sad) That’s terrible.

Sh: That is true.

They did it with only their bare fingers.

Sam.(laughing, sad) How do they save children?

Sh.: They put out the fire with water, and then they bring them in.

We took them to the nearest hospital.

We took them and brought them to hospital.

Sam:- And then they are taking the young children to the hospital?

Sh:- They are taking them there and giving them oxygen.

Sam(shaking head): How long are they taking to come to the ambulance?

Sh(sad): About an hour.

Sam:{sad] That’s awful.

Sh:(sighing): Yes.

Sam, Shaina: Are the young people going to be treated?

Sh (shaking heads): They are not.

Sam:, Shai:, Shaina.

Sh(shocking): Yes, yes.

Sam (shocking) You should see them.

Sh (sadly): They were scared.


Shaina: They are all scared.

Al JA: When were you able to rescue the child?

Sh:”About a minute after we left the house”.

Sam:(surprised): And where are they now?

Sh:, ShAI.

Shai:(surprising): There is a large group of people, including children.

Sam(sighs): That’s good.

AlJA: How do you feel about the games and what people are saying about them?

Sh-: It is very interesting.

We are trying very hard to help our people and save them from the fires.

Al: How does the game affect you personally?


Sh(surprising): It is really difficult.

Sam:(sarcastically): Is it?

Sh.- It is hard to describe.

Al(sarmitising): I would like to ask you to tell me a little bit about yourself.

Sh.: My name is Shaina and I live in Naya village.

Al, Sh-Shaina:(smiling): What