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I have a friend that recently got his wolf killed by a human, and he said he was really excited to get a new companion that was similar in appearance and personality to the wolves.

When he told me that, I was like, “Oh, yeah, that’s awesome!”

The wolf in question was named Sam.

Sam is a wolf that resides in the wilderness of New Zealand.

The wolf is a companion that can only be interacted with by a member of a wolf pack.

The only way for a human to interact with Sam is by opening a portal, which Sam will walk through, giving you access to Sam’s inventory.

When you open a portal to Sam, Sam will ask you for information on a few things, such as your location, what time of day it is, and if you have a key to open a door or a safe.

The answers to these questions will reveal a few important facts about the world around you, including your current location.

Sam’s information is what allows you to complete quests in the game, and you can use this information to find and kill the Wolves in the Wild.

Sam’s stats and attributes are listed below, along with a few tips on how to kill him.

Sam, Wolf Pack LeaderThe stats for Sam are listed as:Health: 562, Attack: 48, Defense: 48Health: 638, Attack : 45, Defense : 45Damage: 18, Strength: 2, Agility: 3, Luck: 3The stats of Sam are not listed on the wiki, but the wiki has a handy description of Sam’s stats.

Sam can be found at the northernmost edge of New Eden.

When you first visit him, Sam says, “I have a little wolf that’s been chasing a human and I’m not letting him go,” indicating that he’s still not sure what’s up.

When asked about what he’s hunting, Sam replies, “You know, wolves.

The ones who go around looking for humans.”

Sam also states, “No one has been able to tame a wolf, but I am determined to make it as tough as I can.

I am going to hunt you down and kill you.”

Sam will tell you that he is “not a pack leader,” but he does have a few other perks, such, “A companion you can talk to.

A companion that will come with you wherever you go.

A way to kill me when I die.

If you find me alive, you can keep my information and I’ll give you the information on my new companion.”

Sam’s next question to you is, “How do I kill a wolf?”

When you say, “There’s no way to tame wolves,” Sam says to you, “Then let me tell you a little bit of history.”

Sam explains that wolves were once called the wolves of the mountains, and were hunted for their ability to climb mountains.

Eventually, a tribe of wolves began to live in the mountains and formed a new tribe, known as the Wolves of the Hills.

After a few years of killing wolves in the woods, the tribes people began to evolve into a new race called the Wolves.

Sam will then say, to answer your question, “The first Wolves were hunters.

The second Wolves were warriors.

The third Wolves were healers.

The fourth Wolves were explorers.

The fifth Wolves were adventurers.”

When you say that the Wolves are “awesome,” Sam will say, and then proceed to tell you, “”That’s not how it works.

The first Wolves weren’t hunters, but warriors.

You could say they were like the other races.

The wolves were the hunters.

They were the healers, the explorers, and the adventurers.

Nowadays, the wolves are just explorers.

“Sam then tells you that the Wolf Pack will be able to find a new leader, “In a few days, I’ll go to the city of Whistler to meet up with the wolf pack and get them to come along with me.

“After that, Sam and the Wolves will be going on a quest.

Sam will tell the group that he will be traveling to Whistlers village to kill a “lone wolf.”

After you finish the quest, Sam can then be found in a snowy area with a wolf in a backpack.

Sam tells you, “[I’m] not sure how you guys will kill a lone wolf, so I’ll just tell you to watch your back.”

When the wolves arrive, they will have been killed and Sam will be surprised when you tell him that the wolves were “awful.”

Sam states, “[We were] so stupid that we didn’t know we were supposed to be here, so we took advantage of a chance.

And we have to be careful, because there are wolves in Whistles village that hunt humans.

“After being surprised by Sam, the Wolves can be heard saying, “Hey, hey, I knew wolves would come.

“When Sam says that wolves aren’t really wolves, he is surprised