How the Scottish Football Association lost the lost village games

A lost village is a lost place.

That’s the message the Scottish FA is trying to convey to those who lost their way in the game.

And they’re going for a pretty heavy dose of lostness.

For those who did manage to catch on to the idea, it’s a bit like losing a parent or two in a way.

But for those who weren’t, losing a loved one or two is far less traumatic than it might sound.

A loss can be seen as a kind of spiritual or physical healing.

And in many cases, it can help people cope with depression and anxiety, too.

The Scottish FA has a website with a map of lost villages across the country.

And the way the organisation is trying, it is giving people a chance to get involved, as well as helping to create a “lost village” memorial.

“We’re going to be asking the people who have lost their villages to get their stories out to the community,” said Alex McGovern, the chief executive of the Scottish Federation of Lost Towns.

We’re really keen to hear from people who’ve lost villages and the story behind it. “

For those that have lost the village, we are really looking to give people a sense of community and that is important.

It can be lonely. “

The lost village can be a bit of a tough time.

It can be lonely.

It’s a lot of sadness and we want to give them that.”

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A few months ago, the Scottish FC website had a map showing which villages had been lost.

Here are some of the most popular places on it.

I’ve lost my family, and they’re lost, too – the Scottish football club says on its website