Bangladesh village cricket game to be played in the Himalayan caveman territory

Bangladesh village game to take place in the mountain caves of Bhutan, Nepal and Ladakh, sources say.

Bhutan is home to the Bhutan Caveman Survival and Conservation Association (BCSA), which has held the game since 2007.

Bengaluru-based Bangla Daily News reports that the Bhumi Caveman Village Game will be played at Bhatti Dibbong on October 17, 2019, to mark the third anniversary of the first-ever Indian-Bangladesh cricket match.

Bangladeshi cricketers have also been training in the Bhattihari Himalayan area for the first time, according to the news agency.

Bangla Daily reports that while the Bhuminas have played in Bhattindarh for a number of years, the game was not played in Bhutan for some time.

The match was played in 2012 in the same area.BCSA has organised the event to mark their birthday.

The Bhattiya Dibbs are the oldest group of cavemen in Bhumi, the same Himalayan region where the Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan lived and died in 2014.