Why does the coin village game work?

A new game in the feudal village genre is gaining attention from the game industry as it takes advantage of the cooperative nature of games to create a new genre of social gaming.

The game is called Wonder Village, and it features the titular village, the players in which they all work together to defeat monsters.

The village will have to defend itself from a horde of bandits, who are armed with bows and arrows and have no respect for the rules of the game.

According to The Verge, the game is set to release on Steam and Apple App Store sometime this year.

Wonder Village is not the first social game to try to use cooperative gameplay to create its own niche.

In 2013, The Amazing Spiderman 2, a game with players controlling two spider versions, released to critical acclaim.

According the website of Game Jam, this new game, unlike the first one, will be a multiplayer game and not just a cooperative game.

The first Wonder Village was played online but it was not the same game.

The website added that Wonder Village will be different from previous games in that the players can use their skills and skillset to help each other to defeat the monsters in their village.