What we know so far about Candy Castle, a mobile game for Nintendo 3DS

A new mobile game about Candy Island has been revealed, but what exactly it is is still unknown.

The Candy Castle is a multiplayer game in which players battle against other players to collect candy and build their Candy Kingdom.

Candy Castle will launch on the Nintendo 3D Store in Japan on February 20, 2017, the publisher announced in a press release.

Players can download Candy Castle for free on Nintendo 3Ds and the Nintendo eShop in Japan, but it won’t come to the United States until March 20.

Cue the hype.

Carrying over the title of Candy Island to the next generation of consoles is a natural progression for Nintendo.

Its success with Super Mario 3D World and Animal Crossing: New Leaf proved that its 3D game platform could be a success for Nintendo’s next generation console.

Nintendo 3ds has already demonstrated that it can make a compelling platform for its new consoles, and Candy Castle’s unique take on the Candy Kingdom format should appeal to many players.

Cablevision, the developer behind Candy Castle and the first game to launch on it, is not the only company making a mobile title.

Zynga’s Candy Crush Saga also launched on the iOS App Store, and EA is working on an upcoming game called Candy Crush World.