‘Love Village Game’ for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC will launch in 2018

The first-person, free-to-play game Love Village Game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC will debut in 2018, according to Microsoft’s first-quarter earnings call.

Love Village, which was developed by Microsoft’s indie game studio, The Indie Developers Club, will be available to download in December, but the game is still in beta.

The game will be free- to-play with in-app purchases available, but those will require a monthly subscription, according the Microsoft press release.

Love is a simple game where you play as a cute village girl in an online RPG where you can explore the game world.

In order to advance in the game, you’ll need to gather love, collect villagers, and interact with other villagers.

Microsoft’s quarterly financial report was released Thursday and included a preview of Love Village for Xbox and PlayStation.

Love Villages, which is a free-roaming, single-player game, will also be free on Windows PCs, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Microsoft said it expects Love Village to become a “core platform” for the Xbox One in 2018.

Love has a very small player base but will be a big hit on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, according Microsoft’s financial report.

Microsoft has previously released free-form multiplayer games like the critically acclaimed, multiplayer-focused multiplayer shooter Battlefield 4.

The company also has its own online multiplayer service called Xbox Live Gold, which launched last month.

Microsoft also has an online Xbox Live Arcade service, but it doesn’t have the same level of depth as its online multiplayer services.

Love’s multiplayer gameplay will be “very similar” to Battlefield 4’s multiplayer modes, Microsoft said.

Microsoft plans to release Love Village as a free game to PC players in December.

The Xbox One version of Love will also have multiplayer support on Xbox One consoles, and it will be made available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as well, Microsoft added.

Microsoft expects to have Love Village available to all players on Xbox and PS platforms by early 2018.

The Love Village game will also include a free online game mode for Xbox Live, according with Microsoft’s statement.

Microsoft is also looking to make the Love Village free- and pay-to and free-play titles more popular.

Microsoft announced in December that it was releasing a free trial of the Xbox Live multiplayer service.

That service, Xbox Live Games, was a free service that provided players with access to a wide variety of free games.

Microsoft was also looking at ways to offer paid Xbox Live games to gamers and other third parties, Microsoft’s second-quarter financial report showed.

Microsoft previously said it plans to offer free-game trials to gamers for Xbox, PS, and Mac, but that it’s not yet clear when those will become available to Xbox One players.

Microsoft will launch free-trial versions of Love on Windows PC and Mac as well as iOS and Android platforms, but there are no details about when those services will launch.

Microsoft released a free Xbox Live subscription service in January 2018, which Microsoft said was aimed at gamers who wanted more flexibility.